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to the cloud

All you need in order to benefit from the possibilities offered by intelligent cloud-based lighting control is a connector to serve as an interface between your local installation and the BEGA Connect Cloud. The only requirement is access to the internet: provided either via the local network (LAN or Wi-Fi) or, in the case of the Air Connector, by means of the integrated internet connection via narrowband IoT. We offer the right connector for every application.

be connect hardware

The DALI Connector:
makes complex things simple.

The DALI Connector is used for projects where Internet access is available on site. Connection to the BEGA Connect Cloud is established via Ethernet or WLAN. This means that lighting scenarios with up to 64 DALI operating devices per connector can be implemented with unparalleled ease, controlled and monitored in real time.

In larger installations, multiple DALI Connectors are combined in the cloud and controlled as a single, shared system. The DALI Connector is DALI-2 certified and, with a width of only 4 HP, fits into any sub-distribution.

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Dali connectorDali connector mobile

The Air Connector:
instantly online, no matter the location.

The BEGA Air Connector’s integrated internet connection via narrowband IoT makes it ideal for projects where access to the local network infrastructure is not possible or desired. Even where the range of conventional mobile radio ends – in remote locations and underground.

Intelligent illumination has never been simpler or more flexible. Control up to 20 DALI operating devices with a single Air Connector in the blink of an eye – in any location. In the BEGA Connect Cloud, multiple Air Connectors can be combined into the same system. This allows you to control expansive installations without the need for a control cable between the chosen islands of light.

The Air Connector is available as a stand-alone unit as well as in a housing – either for wall mounting or for integration on a pole.

Air Connector

Air Connector in a housing for wall mounting

Air Connector in pole housing

Air ConnectorAir Connector

What is Narrowband‑IoT?

Just like BEGA Connect, Narrowband-IoT thrives on simplicity. The state-of-the-art narrowband technology with a deliberately minimal data rate makes intelligent networking possible even in places where this was previously unthinkable. In remote locations, behind thick building walls and even underground. Without the need for a local network infrastructure or gateways. This makes Narrowband-IoT the perfect partner for BEGA Connect.

The Narrowband-IoT technology is already integrated into the existing 3G, 4G and the new 5G infrastructure, meaning there is no need for a separate network roll-out. At the same time, its reduced technical complexity makes it accessible even in places where broadband mobile networks reach their limits. Its end-to-end encryption and direct connection to the BEGA Cloud on German servers also makes it 100% secure at all times.

Minimal installation and maintenance requirements, enormous cost and energy efficiency, reliable transmission. Narrowband-IoT has paved the way for intelligent illumination control in the simplest possible way and for any place conceivable, no matter how remote.