BEGA Connect focusses on the architecture, rather than the technology. The goal was not to create just another light management system, but the first holistic solution for architectural illumination. A true architectural lighting management system.

BEGA Connect places a special emphasis on the user. We are driving by our goal of making the lighting experience as pleasant and smooth as possible for everyone. No technological hurdles to overcome for the installer. The certainty that the lighting will be implemented according to their concept for the planner. The ability to make adjustments to the system at any time without any training for the user. The most cost-effective and efficient solution for the owner – now and in the future.

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DALI – no reason to feel daunted.

BEGA Connect allows you to implement a professional lighting control system without any prior knowledge. Once the electrical installation is complete, the intuitive BEGA Connect app guides you through the configuration comprising only a few steps – complex technical decisions are made automatically in the background. You then have all illumination options at your disposal – governed by a superior utilisation concept that is unrivalled in the professional sector.

The setup could not be simpler:

  1. Complete the electrical installation of the luminaires and the connectors.

  2. Start the initial configuration in the BEGA Connect app by scanning the QR code to the connector

  3. Connected luminaires will be identified automatically and can be configured immediately


Shared access.

You decide who is allowed to manage and control your lighting system: different users can access the same system within BEGA Connect with their individual BEGA ID.

Multi User Access

Add some colour.

RGBW colour light control via DALI has never been so easy. Control each individual colour channel granularly via the BEGA Connect app and individually adapt the coloured light effect to the architecture.

rgbw ipad

Multiple simplicity.

Configure and control physically separate installations in a common virtual system via the BEGA Connect Cloud – as if there were a control cable between all devices. Upgrade your BEGA Connect installation with additional operating devices by simply integrating more connectors.

Unbeatable standards.

DALI meets IoT
Market standards

We rely exclusively on established standards that guarantee long-term applicability and compatibility.

DALI meets IoT
Security & data protection

Data security and data protection meet the highest standards. Made in Germany, hosted in Germany.

DALI meets IoT
Open interfaces

BEGA Connect is not an isolated solution – cloud-to-cloud interfaces enable integrations of and into third-party systems.

DALI meets IoT
Always up to date

New features can be rolled out via the software thanks to cloud intelligence – your lighting installation gets an upgrade without the need for additional hardware components. The firmware updates itself, with no maintenance required.

DALI meets IoT
Do it yourself

You decide on your setup. No special knowledge is required for the configuration, changes can be implemented easily – on site or via remote access.