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BEGA Connect expands the possibilities of professional light control and combines light and architecture into one holistic concept.


At BEGA, we are always thinking of lighting in the context of the architecture to be illuminated. It is all about the interplay of the two, the connection. That is why we created an Architectural Lighting Management System (ALMS) with a simple, descriptive name: BEGA Connect.

It expands the possibilities of professional light control and combines light and architecture into one holistic concept. A concept that is continuously adapting and evolving while taking advantage of the latest technologies like the Narrowband Internet of Things (Narrowband IoT).

BEGA Connect opens up countless possibilities for you to use smart light to showcase both smaller lighting installations and large illumination projects. And it allows you to can control, plan and monitor individual luminaires via a modern and intuitive app – from any location.

BEGA Connect simplifies complex systems for beginners and experts alike. Reliability and security: meeting the highest standards, with all your data on cloud servers in Germany in accordance with strict German data protection laws.

Cast your architecture in the perfect light

Cast your architecture in the perfect light

Create scenarios with BEGA Connect and customise your system according to your situation and individual ideas.

DALI meets IoT

DALI meets IoT

The BEGA Air Connector enables you to connect even the most remote lighting installation to the BEGA Connect platform via the Internet of Things (IoT) in no time at all.

Remote access and monitoring

Remote access and monitoring

The BEGA Connect app allows you to set up, control and monitor your lighting installation from anywhere in the world.

Simple light management

Simple light management

It has never been easier, quicker or more intuitive to design and control your outdoor lighting.

DALI is online. Everywhere.

Control your lighting installation as simply and with as much flexibility as never before. No DALI expertise required. No unnecessary complications. All it takes is one component to make your project cloud-ready.

Integrate your lighting system into the existing IP infrastructure with the DALI Connector and maintain an overview even with large installations thanks to cloud clustering of multiple connectors.
The Air Connector provides an internet connection via narrowband IoT – even in places where an online connection is hard to come by: in the most remote locations and behind thick walls.

Your way into the cloud

Dali is online

Intuition is everything.

BEGA Connect means: focusing on what's important, simple and intuitive. The BEGA Connect app’s sophisticated user interface was developed in such a way that no special technical knowledge is required for setup and operation.

Whether it’s for small lighting installations or large lighting projects. Set individual lighting scenarios and automations, control tunable white and RGBW luminaires, light colour and colour temperature – via the BEGA Connect Cloud from anywhere in the world.

The BEGA Connect app is constantly being improved and enhanced. For more new features, more functionality and maximum security.

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This is how intuitive the BEGA Connect app is

Bega Connect App

BEGA Connect.
Connect with BEGA.

Do you have any questions, or would you like personalised advice about BEGA Connect? Then contact us by phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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